Leather today has become an imminent part of fashion reflecting upon a luxurious and enviable lifestyle. Having so much at stake, is it crucial to choose a viable option when surfing through suppliers and manufacturers – Leather care has turned out to be an integral part of the industry and we at Fakhria Tannery ensure consumers are always satisfied.



Established in 1979, Fakhria Tannery had a moderate beginning being indulged in production of white leather for gloves, over the years and owing to unmatched quality parallel to highest international standards, we have grown to attaining 4 specialized production units that miraculously make up the production capacity approximately 18 million Sq Ft/year. Having an established and content clientele, this was inevitable; to date our company believes in the same philosophy that it acted upon since its humble beginning – Satisfied Consumers.

As we surpassed new accomplishments, we also ensured the application of state of the art technological systems followed by Just-in-Time supply service to ensure we’re able to maintain a supply and demand balance. Thus, owing to the efforts of our dedicated workforce of over 300 personals and successful implementation of various system and strategic techniques, we have a record of on time delivery with all our clients.

Serving upon this promise of Quality and timely delivery required tremendous effort; we at Fakhria Tannery ensure raw materials are sourced from both domestic and international markets that promise outstanding quality resulting in breathtaking finishing in the end products to consumers. Meeting quality standards makes it an utmost requirement to import raw materials from Europe, Africa, Middle East, United Kingdom and Countries like Australia, wherever we deem the quality to be fit.

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Raw Materials

Exceptionally well finished leather is the crux; to attain this objective it is absolutely crucial to make a wise choice in terms of Raw Materials. Fakhria Tannery makes use of a variety of skins and hides attained both domestically and internationally from suppliers that maintain credible ratings in terms of quality. The company is also a trader in Leather Raw Materials; a fact that not only gives a company a knowledge edge for superior quality but also ensures economies of scale resulting in striking the most economical deals for our clients.

The Raw Materials we use are as follows:





Products and Articles

Developing jackets of fine quality requires dedication and motivation throughout the process; we at Fakhria Tannery ensure that our articles are up to date and can be used with the ongoing fashion trends. Our customers are enlightened with a wide array of options to choose from; cow, goat and buffalo leather have a vast range that may be used in show upper leathers. Fakhria Tannery’s articles are not just a display off the shelf; our products have a history of surpassing rigorous testing procedures that have ensured reliability associated to our articles. Having a history associated with glove leathers as well, we make up to the finished product with unmatched quality one may produce.
Thus, we are present to cater to all your leather related demands. Serving our prestigious clientele with guaranteed satisfaction has been on the top of the priority chart for Fakhria Tannery.



Fakhria Tannery is specialized in the production of split cow hides with a polyurethane coating, using Levacast Lanxess to ensure the quality and long-term stability of the products it employ.

Combined Effluent Treatment Plant

Going green has increasing become an integral part of worldwide debates with the responsibility falling upon majority of industries. Keeping the future sustainability goals for the survival of this very planet in consideration, Fakhria Tannery has decided to play its crucial role – we are part of joint affluent water treatment plant to ensure maintenance of a eco-friendly environment. We were one of the few pioneers to take the “go green” initiative reflecting upon our dedication and commitment for a healthy tomorrow.

Treatment Plant


Having a current capacity of 18 million sq ft/year, Fakhria Tannery proudly holds the position as one of Pakistan’s largest Leather Manufacturing unit.

With immense growth comes great responsibility; deteriorating global weather conditions holds leading manufacturers responsible. We have done our part there too; located in the Industrial zone with in the joint affluent water treatment plant location, we have ensured our processing units are Eco Friendly.

Fakhria Tannery also hopes that more manufacturers would abide by following the Eco Friendly business model for a better tomorrow for the generations to come.



Fakhria Leather proudly possess the following certifications.

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